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DADA-DATA celebrates 100 years of the Dada movement. It’s a viral, vibrant, living homage, connected to our times like DADA was at war with its own. Stroll through our Dada-Depot and take part in the Dada-Hacktions.

"One cannot understand Dada. One must experience it."

- Richard Huelsenbeck, 1920


Look out, DATA – here comes DADA!

Dada-Data gets ready to hit the road

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Replace all Internet ads with 100% genuine DADA slogans!
Our DADA Block installs in your browser with just one click. No risk, no cost, no spyware—guaranteed!


This is where the world changed on February 5, 1916: Spiegelgasse 1, Zurich. One hundred years later, a return to the scene of the crime. Choose a work and print it in 3D. Readymades for all!


Use your phone to break free from Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon! Long live the open net! Beware the GAFA giants!


Collage, photomontage, visual barrage. Dada is always right! Add your photo to the worldwide digital canvas!




On March 4 and 5, 2016, more than 80 brave souls converged on the Cabaret Voltaire! Their goal: to imagine a Digital Dada Manifesto! 30 hours non-stop! Sesión extraordinaria!




Look out, DATA – here comes DADA!

Dada-Data gets ready to hit the road

Friends of modems everywhere, nationless patriots, partisans of broadband, don’t believe the news (it’s all a lie). These are wonderful times! Our visitor count just hit a new record: more than 200,000 of you have boldly come to lose yourselves on Dada-Data!

Now Dada-Data is hitting the road, as fresh and light-hearted as the day it launched. And we’re hoping to see you.

April 5: Dada-Data visits the land of Trumpery with a presentation at MIT’s Open-Doc Lab

April 17: We storm the ‘Visions du Réel’ festival in Nyon, Switzerland (free admission).

May 8: Dada-Data taps all kegs at the Munich DokFest (free admission)

May 25: Dada-Data hits the Ramblas of Barcelona’s InterDocs

June may find us in the land of DADA-Dracula before we move on to Paris. Next, it’s Tokyo in September and Montreal in October. With surprises everywhere along the way.

Remember: DADA is here to stay. And DADA isn’t going anywhere. DADA-DATA is at your service, for life.

Discover 40 new works in the DADA-Depot. Contribute to the Dada-Gram (with more than 2000 collages already online!) and the frenetic Dada-Tweet. And keep an eye out for the new slogans on the DADA-Block!

PS: Dada-Data has picked up a few awards, for the fun of it. Dada-Data, Site of the day at FWA, the Awwwards and the CSS Design Awards.



Dada. Data. War. 30 hours of madness in Zurich!

Dada-Data Manifesto Memories

For thirty hours on March 4 and 5, 2016, more than eighty brave souls converged on the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. Developers, writers, a handful of artists, Hacker Manifesto author Ken McKenzie Wark, plumbers, designers, students, and Tim Shipe from the far away International Dada Archive. Stateless souls, Jean Songe without a guitar, whistleblowers, and other art messengers. Chronic complainers and poetry coders. Young and old, teens and perpetual children. Joël Vacheron, co-author of DADA-BOT. Freeloaders and geniuses.

Bad Wi-Fi and historic walls; a disco ball and ceiling projections; Deniz Tortum from MIT’s Open Doc Lab; the three 3-D printers used for our Ready Made Connected hacktion, running low on ink. Not to mention a short-sighted group that wanted to hack the Cabaret Voltaire, open as it was – although it was much more than that. Remaking the world through laughter, through the absurd, through the fact of being in that space, together and NOW. The Arthur Cravans of 2016: poets, boxers, and travelers.

A proposal to document the world, to create a doc-by-doing, an affirmative and ephemeral webdoc retransmitted live. Some 80 people at the Cabaret Voltaire, and some 7000 people at their screens.

Live the incredible event again! Now




Great Dada Contest: #DadaBlock Remix!

Dada is great and you are its prophets!

Since February 5th, thousands of you have changed your lives. Thousand of you have installed our Dadablock on your browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), transforming big, bad Internet advertising into good and genuine Dada slogans. And ever since, some of you have mixed and remixed, capturing screens like moments of stolen freedom.

Dada is great and you are its prophets! You too can participate in the Great Dada Contest – the #Dadablock Remix! Just one hashtag and we’ll find you: #DadaBlock





Thirty hours of madness in Zurich and on your screen! Right now!

For 30 hours, starting Friday, March 4, 2016 at 7 p.m. (Central European Time), Coders, Writers, Artists, Publishers, Plumbers, Designers, Students, Bankers, Stateless Souls, Whistleblowers, and other Art Messengers will be meeting at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich.

They’ll be here from Europe and elsewhere. Some are coming by plane from Argentina and New York. Others are taking the train from Bucharest. Their goal: to create the Digital Dada Manifesto. This is our final Hacktion. It all wraps up with a concert by the Dead Brothers.

Come join us for the next 30 hours! DADA-DATA has its own DADA-CNN. For 30 hours, everything will be broadcast live. With a chat to let you comment, contribute, and participate.

Dada loves you! Dada needs madness, and yours is welcome: dada-data.net




Become a shareholder in the Corporation for the Exploitation of the DADA Twexicon!

With Twitter, we’re all regulars at the Cabaret Voltaire, chatting about the big, beautiful, absurd world. Maybe we’re talking to each other without answering, and maybe we’re answering each other without listening, but at least we’re all artists on stages of our own making. We’re all fans of broadband performance – the most DADA of all art forms. 

Drop by DADA-DATA to listen in on the living Tweetpoem – the freest chance poem in today’s modern and connected world! To contribute, all you need is one hashtag: #DadaData

“In phonetic poetry, we abandon a language that journalism has corrupted and made impossible. We must go back to the most intimate alchemy of the word, we must abandon even the word, if we are to preserve the most sacred domain of poetry.” Hugo Ball, “Flucht aus der Zeit” (Flight Out of Time), 1927

And don’t forget: you have just one week left to win the DADA object of your dreams, printed live in revolutionary 3D, right in Zurich itself!

Anita, David, and the team 




Take part in the worldwide DADA collage!

Dada is an armadillo. Everything is Dada. DADA is Instagram, hip-hip-hip and hollerbam, boom-boom-boom and ratatam, in, stram, gram. Login with Instagram and contribute to the worldwide digital DADA-Gram collage. Or explore the endless canvas, from top to bottom, left to right, bottom to left, like an infinite text written by a thousand hands. Intimate photos, extimate snapshots: mix your moments into the works of the magic DADAs.

The poetry starts here. Add a photo from your personal Instagram account to tell the story of today’s mad, magnificent world. Be wild, be wise, synthesize.



Connected Readymade: DADA keeps its word!

But its word means nothing. Only actions count!

DADA will win! And DADA has won!
DADA is grateful! And DADA-DATA has drawn the first winners in its Connected Readymade draw!

In ten days, over 130,000 of you have visited from around the world. And one in twelve of you took part in the Connected Readymade. Thousands of you dropped in from Old Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, England, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Netherlands), valiant Asia (India), the new world (US, Mexico, Canada), and eternal Africa (Morocco)

DADA is delighted! And DADA keeps its word: the first winners will soon receive the 3D readymade of their dreams, printed live at the Cabaret Voltaire and mailed out in discreet and sturdy packages  by DADA-DATA’s new Dada guard: Léa and Guido.

Remember: We will be drawing Connected Readymade winners three times a day! Try your luck today and every day!

First daily draw, held at the historic premises of the Cabaret Voltaire with the masters of the house, Nora Hauswirth and Adrian Notz, and DADA-DATA’s Anita Hugi.

For information about the next hacktions, sign up for the DADA-DATA newsletter today! 





The kings of the world are calling for their jesters

DADA Friends,

This Friday, as promised: a new hacktion on DADA-DATA.NET! It’s the battle of DADA vs. GAFA! Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, look out: the DADAs are coming. Beware of GAFA!

Experience the epic combat on dada-data.net

With phones in hand, let’s dance against the kings of the world! Let’s dance with our heads held high! Let’s dance till we drop!

And remember: DADA forgets but DADA knows everything! DADA loves you and DADA-DATA.NET has won! In just a few days, 120,000 DADAs from around the world have dropped by our digital cabaret. DADA is not dead, DADA is web!



DADA Guard vs. GAFA!

Our interactive installation in Zurich!

The hour of battle strikes this Tuesday! It’s DADA against GAFA! Google, Apple, FaceBook, Amazon, look out: the DADAs are coming! Tuesday, at the Landesmuseum in Zurich, DADA-DATA.NET will deploy The Guard, an interactive installation created by Fragment.IN and Superlife. Because Google dominates knowledge, Amazon controls merchandise, Facebook keeps tabs, and Apple takes all, DADA-DATA.NET is declaring war! Let’s dance! Let’s dance with each other and with our marionette, the little sister of the “Military Guards” (1918) by the great DADA artist Sophie Taeuber.

And as of Friday, the dance will be available right here online! Get ready! Use your phone to free yourself from GAFA! Long live wireless! Beware of GAFA!

The Guard: Demonstration at the Cabaret Voltaire, February 3, 2016. A short film by andrei amărfoaie.

The DADA Guard (Fragment.in and Superlife) is a DADA-DATA/Pro Helvetia/SSR SRG/Docmine production. At the Landesmuseum from February 9 to 16, alongside the exhibition Dada Universal. The DADA Guard will then tour Europe, with stops in Munich, Paris, Transylvania, and more. Dada, always at your service!

Swiss National Museum
Landesmuseum Zürich
Museumstrasse 2
CH-8001 Zurich



Let the Dada whirlwind carry everything away!


After eighteen months of hard work, everything is finally ready. DADA-DATA, the little documentary factory, has opened its doors. DADA-DATA is a digital cabaret that’s open 24/7. A place of encounters, hacktions, dark corners, noise, an anti-museum, and weekly events – through to March 5, 2016.

Come in. We’re waiting for you. With great anticipation. Welcome!

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